Well believe it or not, someone would rather choose option B. This person is, in my honest opinion, an embodiment of a truly passionate gourmand, a bon vivant personality who enjoys life too much, that the pleasures from materials such as car, hold no value against his lifetime pursuit for fine food and drinks. This person I am referring to is Andrea Peresthu, Chef and Co-owner of Javanegra Gourmet Atelier.


Who would've thought that a professor, and an architect would turn into a private dining chef? Signor Andrea spent almost half of his life living and working overseas, mostly in Europe, but he has a particular affinity for Spain and he speaks Spanish like a true Spaniard! If you don't see the person talking, you will certainly think that the croaky throaty masculine voice belongs to a caucasian Spanish gentleman!


Javanegra, which means black coffee, started as a specialty roaster based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a collaborative efforts from several European and Indonesian coffee enthusiasts and coffee growers. The Cooking/Gourmet Atelier came about as Andrea, who often cooks for his friends, was strongly encouraged by his friends and business partners to explore his passion further. Alas, Javanegra Gourmet Atelier came into existence.





Phone:  +62 21 290 54 899




by appointment only

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